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  Born in Brescia, Italy, in 1973, guitarist since he was a child, he starts studying classic guitar, turning then to electric and acoustic guitar and exploring several kinds of music, from blues to jazz.

He plays in different bands in which he starts his first compositive experiences. At the same time he works with musicians of national fame.

Since 2009 he  studies composition with Mauro Montalbetti, Rossano Pinelli and Antonio Giacometti and he attends several masterclasses: with Carlo Boccadoro (2012-’13), with Lorenzo Pusceddu (2016) about composition for wind orchestra, with Fabrizio De Rossi Re (2019) about improvvisation and with Giorgio Colombo Taccani (2021-’22)

In 2010 he receives a certificate of merit at International Competition for Guitar Composition “Suoni di legno” with “Spring Falls”.

In 2012 he wins the 3rd prize at “Assisi Suono Sacro” with “Ricuarz” for piano soloIn the same year he realizes the sonorization of the photographic show “Par no dismenteâ…” sponsored by Comune of Cercivento (UD), Italy.

In 2014 “Plan das stries”  for solo flute is selected from a call for scores and is performed at “Risuonanze” Festival in Tricesimo (UD), Italy. In the same year he wins the 3rd prize at International Competition for Youth Orchestra Composition “Cav. Angelo Rizzardi” with the piece “The Voyage of a Visionary Man”.

In 2016 “Nel mondo di un solo colore” for solo violin is selected from “Risuonanze” call for scores and is performed in Trieste (Italy). In the same year the score of “Il fiume cambia la pelle” for mezzo sorano, percussions and digital support (words by Giovanni Peli) is exhibited in Lucca (Italy) at “Musica con vista”, by the selection from “International Prize for non-conventional Score Music Writing”.

In 2017 he is selected and attends the Florida International Toy Piano Festival with “Naughty Child” , as well as he wins the 2nd prize at 29th European Music Competition in Moncalieri (TO) Italy with “Kosmos”, a work for ensemble.

In 2018 “Spiccando fiori… profumo” is selected from Achrome Ensemble‘s call for scores to be performed in Bergamo (Italy) at “…e adesso musica!” season.

In 2019 “Different Twins” is selected from the 21st Century Guitar‘s call for scores to be performed in 2021 at “21st Century Guitar Conference” in Lisbon.

In 2021 “Plenilunio d’autunno” is selected from the 21st Century Guitar‘s call for scores, to be performed in 2022 at “21st Century Guitar Conference” in Muncie (USA).

His works are performed over the Italian and foreign Countries.

Since 2014 some of his works are published by:
Sconfinarte, Diaphonia, Preludio editions.